Our Tiny Totes

Our Original Tiny Tote is made of Ottertex Nylon Ripstop fabric. It is a light-weight interwoven fabric, using special synthetic fibers to create a square-like pattern and also coated with a nanotechnology film called DWR (durable water repellent). DWR allows for the ripstop to be water-repellent (not waterproof) and stain resistant. Various limited edition Tiny Totes in fabrics such as velvet, linen and chenille will be added as they become available.

The Original Tiny Tote

-Comes in slate grey, coal black or royal blue
-Is made from Ripstop Nylon
-Is water resistant
-Comes with your choice of carabiner color (see below)
-Can be personalized!
-Add a mask to make your Tiny Tote set complete!

Original Tiny Tote

Original Tiny Tote - Personalized

Our Bespoke Tiny Totes

-Come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and fabrics
-The fabrics are recycled upholstery swatches
-Comes with your choice of carabiner color (see below)
-Can be customized to your size preference
-Add a mask to make your Bespoke Tiny Tote complete!

Single Bespoke Tiny Tote

Many different colors and textures to choose from!

Our Billiards Tote

-Made of black or blue Ripstop Nylon
-Larger than our Original Tiny Tote to comfortably fit your billiards glove and avoid wear and tear
-Comes with your choice of carabiner color (see below)
-Comes blank or with a billiards glove graphic
-Can be personalized!

Our Masks

  • Our masks are made of high-quality nylon and cotton spandex, making them soft, light-weight and skin-friendly. They are machine-washable and durable. One size fits most, but we can special-order small children's sizes. Once again, thank you for choosing reusable!

Black or Blue

Included in the set

Limited Edition Pink


Limited Edition Rainbow

*Sold Out*

We have many Carabiner colors to choose from!

Want to customize your tote even more? Contact us for more information!